Mark White

Mark grew up in Centralia, Illinois. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Southern Illinois University. His graduate work includes studies in sociology and art. During his post-graduate work, Mark was able to study under sculptors Lincoln Fox and Valentin Okorokov; master patineur, Patrick Kipper; and painter, Albert Handel.
In addition to the meditative and mesmerizing kinetic wind sculptures for which he is so well-known, Mark White is a prodigious painter. He works in many mediums, including oil on canvas and wood panel, as well as the unusual and captivating technique of applying patina dyes to engraved metal panels; on copper, aluminum and stainless steel, these bewitching works reflect light like a three-dimensional object. Clouds appear to be sculpted rather than just painted, and patterns and colors change as the viewer moves. For the past several years, Mark has been primarily using oil paints to render natural scenes filled with light and color, manifesting both densely abstracted and wholly truthful visions of nature, in which recognizable entities recede or dissolve into bewitching color.
“My creation process is serendipitous, following a certain line of experimentation without clinging to a known hypothesis. This process guides my art in many directions, including work with engraved patina paintings as well as wind-and-water driven kinetic sculptures. I strive to fill all my work with real and implied movement. I love learning and am always exploring my artistic boundaries, searching for the path less traveled.”

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