Lincoln Perry

Lincoln Perry is among Key West’s most respected artists. He is known as both a painter and sculptor, having completed several large murals and public commissioned works. There are two remarkable things about his paintings: First is his use of cubist technique and mark-making that’s reminiscent of Cézanne and Braque. Underlying all of these paintings are cubes, massed and re-shaped until they form human figures. And that’s where Perry’s second piece of magic comes in: his knowledge as a sculptor. Showing real familiarity with 3-dimensional human forms, Perry convincingly paints scenes which appear to be visible from multiple angles or multiple timeframes at once.

The Gardener contains elements of Lincoln’s subtle eroticism and his sense of humor. The painting, an original in Sennelier oil, shows a masterful understanding of the Key West light as it shines over the garden fence and silhouettes the gardener, who seems to be far more interested in observing the residents in their bathing suits than in any gardening.

The Gardener is an original 36×28″ on a gallery-wrapped canvas (no frame is required). Available exclusively through Gildea Gallery.

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