David Lee

Fans of David Lee will be pleased to know that his work has returned to Key West after a 5-year hiatus, and will be featured exclusively at Gildea Gallery. We love his whimsical, animated style of capturing the funny moments of daily life.

In the universe of David Lee,a showgirl contemplates a feather falling from her headdress and in that pose suggests a sense of wonder at the world. With generously enlarged figures rendered in acrylic on canvas in the rich primary colors of a child’s palette, the warm, witty paintings of Lee have been compared to the works Botero, Bombois, and Beryl Cook. Yet the spin he puts on his subjects are entirely his own.

The style may be classified as Art Naif, but the philosophy behind the paintings is deeply humanistic, with utterly human and poignant results. Lee’s exquisitely rendered characters seem to be people we’ve known, seen, or recognize in ourselves, caught in moments of spontaneous expression, “in the act” of being themselves. They make us laugh without disturbing the essential human dignity of his subjects.

A retired New York Interior Designer for the wealthy and famous, David Lee has travelled widely through Europe, Asia, Mexico and Central America. His painting are in private collections throughout the U.S, and are widely shown in Galleries, predominantly in Southern Florida where he now Lives.

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