Clifford Bull

Clifford Bull lives and works in Rochester, NY. He studied fine art and graphic design at Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating with a BFA in Fine Art with a minor in painting and an MFA in Communication Design.

His career began as a high school teacher followed by a career in graphic design and marketing where he used his talents to create sports branding for Champion, an athletic apparel company that creates college, professional and commercial uniforms and apparel.

His work reflects fascination with moments in time and the properties of paint, pastels and other mediums used in his work and is stylistically rooted in the figurative works of the California and New York painters of the 1950″s and 60’s.

Clifford Bull’s success includes ongoing commissions ranging from portraits to boats, old cars, dogs and abstracts. His work is included in private and corporate collections in the US and abroad and his “touchstone series” are available through galleries in Upstate NY, Cape Cod and Key West.

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