Anthony Tomaselli


Born in 1955 in Rhode Island to an Italian-American family, Anthony Tomaselli has had a passion for the visual arts from a young age. As a student at Rhode Island College, Anthony worked under dedicated, thoughtful, and passionate educators who left an enduring mark on his work as an artist and teacher in his own right. It was at RIC that Anthony developed a style that was both provocative and political during a time of great unrest in the United States. This work would later give way to paintings that explore the play of light over his native New England with a sense of reverence and spirituality.

To support his art career, Tomaselli opened a package store and catering company in Cranston, Rhode Island that developed into T’s Restaurant. His work as a restaurateur has increasingly inspired him to professionalize his practice as an artist and he sees this duality as an artist-entrepreneur as important to his personal brand. Through his business, he has shared his work with new audiences.

One of the most recognizable painters in Rhode Island, Tomaselli has been active in nearly every arts organization in the State and beyond. Outside of Rhode Island, he has shared his work in exhibitions in Maine, New York, and Florida. Through years of experience he has built a network of peers, students, and an eager clientele throughout New England. Tomaselli plans to continue building on his success in the next phase of his career as a professional fine artist.

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